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How to Measure the Square Feet of a Lawn

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Most everything you apply to your lawn comes in a container indicating how many square feet can be covered with the contents. You need to know the total square footage of your lawn.

Guessing the size of your lawn can leave you with extra bags of fertilizer to store. Or you could be making extra trips to the store to buy more.

Here are some of the best ways to measure your lawn.

Lawn Measurement Basics

Regardless of which measuring option you choose, some things remain the same. Measurements are based on length x width. Measuring a square or rectangle is easiest. Divide an irregular lawn into shapes that can be measured accurately. Add the resulting sizes.

Note: It is usually easier to accurately measure the total area, then measure and deduct flower beds, pools, patios, sidewalks, etc.

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Benefits of Knowing Your Lawn Size

Knowing how much grass you have makes lawn care much simpler.

  • Fertilizer. Liquid or granular. Buy what you need for your next fertilization. Not too much. Not too little.
  • Lawn Seed. Helps buy what you need, depending on how long you’re lawn has been in disrepair you might be able to count the spots on google maps satellite view!
  • Sod. Sod is expensive. And hard to get rid of if you buy too much.

Measure Your Lawn With a Tape Measure

Tape measures–and measuring wheels–have the advantage of getting you on the ground; giving a better “feel” for what you are doing. Long tape measures–at least 50′–and someone to hold the dumb end work best. Split the yard into sections and add the results.

A measuring wheel is just a wheel with a handle and counter attached. Wheels provide more accurate results on hilly or uneven properties. Many are available for under $50.00.

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Stepping It Off

For a quick and somewhat inaccurate way to get the square footage, you can step off your property.  If your boots are around 12″ long count the number of heel-to-toe steps. If not, measure in long strides. They are usually close to a yard long but measuring your stride is a good idea. Keep count and do the math when done.

Measure Your Lawn With a Laser Meter

These small hand-held units can measure distances over 100′. Stand at one end of your lawn, point at something solid at the other end, and read the distance. The unit pictured below can give you the length, area, volume, and height of trees–within 1/16 of an inch. All for less than $100.00.

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Measure Your Lawn Online

So you just drove all the way to your local garden center to buy fertilizer and left all the sizes at home. There are multiple lawn-size checking apps available online. You can get the information in minutes on your cell phone–wherever you are. Some of the more popular apps include:

  • Google Earth. Enter an address. Scroll to the overhead view. Click “Measure Distance and Area. Mark out the lawn areas. Read the numbers
  • Global Syn-Turf. Enter an address. Google Maps will display it. Scroll to the overhead view. Use the Pen tool to outline your lawn areas. Read the result. Excellent for irregularly shaped yards.
  • My Yard Size. Uses Google Maps. Type in an address. Takes you directly to the overhead shot. Outline the areas of grass. Read the results. (Not quite as intuitive as the other apps.)

The Global Syn-Turf app is the easiest one to use. Quick and accurate for any size and shape of the lawn, it is free to use on the Global Syn-Turf site.

Note: These apps are also useful for estimating fencing, how many trees to buy, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the lawn is an irregular shape?

If the lawn is an irregular shape, you can break it down into smaller sections, measure them separately, and add up each section’s square footage. It’s best to divide your lawn into rectangles, squares, and triangles to make it easier to measure, and then, you can calculate each section’s square footage and add them together.

How do I know how much fertilizer or seed to apply after measuring my lawn?

After measuring your lawn’s square footage, refer to the product packaging for guideline recommendations. Often, the product instructions will advise how much fertilizer or seed you need to apply per square foot.

If the product packaging does not have a suggested application rate, consult with a local gardening center or landscaper for advice on how much fertilizer, seed or material should be applied for your lawn’s size

Can someone measure my lawn for me?

Yes, lawn care services can measure your lawn for you. Alternatively, you can hire a surveyor or a landscaper to perform the measurement for you. Some local garden centers offer measurement services as well.